Terms and Conditions of sale

I understand the following terms and conditions of this sale and agree to it by checking/ticking the box.

  1. Every MAG box purchase from AUSIPTV comes with a 1 year warranty from the date of sale. The small booklet containing the warranty information [found inside the packaging] should be produced when claiming warranty. If the warranty slip is not produced warranty will be void. Any physical damage, attempts to tamper or open the box, water damage and any other abuse to the box other than the normal usage will void warranty.
  2. No refunds will be entertained for the MAG boxes once sold. In case of a valid warranty claim the box will be repaired and in case of non-repairable damage be replaced within reasonable time frame [as the box needs to be shipped overseas for services].
  3. Customers are not bound by the packages they subscribe to. They are free to move packages as long as they notify by email, minimum of 5 business days before the next billing cycle.
  4. The MAG boxes customers purchase from AUSIPTV.COM.AU will not be locked to AUSIPTV. Customers are free to switch to another service provider at anytime if they are unhappy with the services provided by AUSIPTV. Customers are free to use the MAG box purchased from AUSIPTV with a different service provider.
  5. Customer needs to notify by email, minimum of 5 business days prior to the billing cycle, if he/she would like the subscriptions to be stopped and no further payments deducted.
  6. Customer agrees that all subscriptions are recurring and will incur recurring payments until the subscriptions are cancelled with AUSIPTV through email communication. At no point subscription payments will be refunded.